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Our Story

The Dutch Reformed Church in Zambia was established in 1919. When we look back at 101 years, we understand that God, through His love and faithfulness, carried His church through different, and challenging times. Therefore, we acknowledge and believe that He started, and sustains His work in the world, and in the congregation.

The congregation is a multi-cultural congregation, with ministry in both Afrikaans and English. Initially, the congregation only ministered in Afrikaans, but during the 1990’s, the doors opened and non-Afrikaans speaking believers were welcomed.

The congregation is part of the Presbytery of Central Africa, together with congregations in Zimbabwe, and forms part of the Northern Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa.

We are One

Although we minister in Afrikaans and English, we are one congregation with a church council with representatives from both services. We believe that God calls us to be one, in our diversity.

We believe that the Triune God is busy moving in the world. He invites us, as His followers to be part of what He is busy doing. He calls us to follow Him, and to serve and care for those in our community and the world.

We also believe that God invites us to relationship with Him, and that we can follow Him as a community of believers. May you also experience His hospitality when you join us.

Mag jy ook die Here se gasvryheid by die gemeente ervaar, en tuiskom saam met ander gelowiges.

Dr. Moses Zulu

Dr Moses Zulu is responsible for the English ministry, and started at the congregation in 2014. The English service is attended by Zambians, and other English speaking expatriates from around the world.

Ds. Willem Schoeman

Rev Willem Schoeman is responsible for the Afrikaans ministry, and moves around the Southern part of the country. He started in 2022. The Afrikaans service is attended by Afrikaans speaking believers from various backgrounds residing in Zambia.

Join our community!

Our church staff are always available and love sharing God's love, feel free to reach out to us to schedule a church visit to learn more about our community and beliefs.

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