dutch reformed church of zambia

‘Invited by God to be His fellow workers in the world’
‘Deur God genooi om deel te neem aan sy werk in die wêreld’

Contact our pastors:

Dr. Moses Zulu (English):
Ds. Werner Nel (Afrikaans)


Who we are

The Dutch Reformed Church of Zambia is a unique congregation which is part of the Northern Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church. We are a multi-cultural congregation with worship services in Afrikaans and English.

Where we are

The Congregation’s border covers the Southern part of Zambia, with monthly Afrikaans worship services in Lusaka, Livingstone and Chisamba. The English worship service takes place in Lusaka every week.


How to Join

The Congregation has different Care and Bible study groups where anyone can join in. If you want to join us at a group or in a worship service, feel free to contact one of the two pastors. All are more than welcome!

Our Service Schedule




English – The third Sunday of every month at 09:00
Afrikaans – Elke Sondag om 09:00


Afrikaans – Elke Sondag om 09:00


English – Every Sunday at 08:30

Afrikaans – Elke Sondag om 09:00


Our Community Craft Market

The Saturday Craft Market falls on the last Saturday of each month. The market offers wonderful opportunities to sample local Zambian and international food, support local crafts, and enjoy a relaxing day with family and friends!

We join God in His work

Our mission is to work with the Triune God and proclaim the Gospel throughout the world and make disciples of all kinds of people. We believe therefore that all people should be valued, supported and protected from harm and abuse.

We came to Dutch Reformed Church in Zambia and we were inducted on 19th January 2014. We are the first Zambian Pastor called to work in this Church.
All in all, our experience in this church has been overwhelming. It is a place where we have managed to interact with a lot people. This church has helped us to understand the concept of unity in diversity.

Dr. Moses Zulu

English Pastor

Ons het in 2019 amptelik by die gemeente begin. Om te dink dat ons gemeente, en kerk kan wees in Afrika, maak my ook baie opgewonde. Ons glo dat God ons by Hom verwelkom, en dat ons Sy gasvryheid ook met ander kan deel. My gebed is dat jy ook baie welkom sal voel, en sal tuiskom, by die gemeente.

Ds. Werner Nel

Afrikaans Pastor

Join our community!

Our church staff are always available and love sharing God's love, feel free to reach out to us to schedule a church visit to learn more about our community and beliefs.

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